A compilation of brief photos to celebrate the completion last December of the installation of the exhaust gas cleaning system on the La Méridionale RoPax ferry “Piana” in ASTANDER.



In contrast to the well-known wet scrubbers this technology does not use any wash water and consequently no waste water is produced. The system is based on the SOLVAir® Marine process developed by Solvay and is using the SeaSOx Dual Filtration system developed and supplied by ANDRITZ.

This system will enable La Méridionale to comply with the IMO 2020 regulations for the reduction of SOx emissions and will facilitate the removal of > 99 % of particulate matter (incl. PM1). This new project represents an important milestone in exhaust gas cleaning within the maritime sector, as it is the first successful use of a dry sodium-sorbent-based system on a vessel and enables exhaust gas treatment without the use of any wash water.

The photos are frames from our video posted in Linkedln. Go watch it now!