Astander is part of the consortium of the new European RETROFIT 55 project, which covers topics such as digitisation of the industry, emission reduction and energy efficiency.

The ultimate goal of RETROFIT55 is to create an advanced web-based Decision Support System (DSS) that merges digital twins from different systems into an integrated digital model of the ship

Advances in science and technology have made it possible for energy-saving solutions to be adopted in retrofitting. In this context, the EU-funded RETROFIT55 project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 35 % through retrofitting ships with new energy-saving solutions. Specifically, it will combine mature technologies (ship electrification and hydrodynamic design optimisation, operational optimisation) with two new technologies (wind-assisted ship propulsion and innovative air lubrication system).

The end goal is to create a decision-support system that integrates these solutions. This will allow users to compare retrofitting options in terms of cost, return on investment, and performance. RETROFIT55 involves a consortium of universities, research institutions and ship operators, as well as experts in design and retrofit, alternative fuels, energy efficiency, electrification, and green digital technologies.

Two new technologies, i.e. wind assisted ship propulsion and an innovative air lubrication system, will be developed together with other solutions that, although based on already mature technologies, such as operational and hydrodynamic design optimization and ship electrification, have to be expanded to be integrated with the new solutions as well as to cope with the constraints posed by the original ship design.

Astander participates in this European project that covers different topics, from digitisation, emission reduction and energy efficiency improvement.

Astander is involved in the main work packages, collaborating with the consortium by contributing their knowledge and expertise in various fields within the project.

Currently, efforts are underway to define the expected outcomes of the platform.

The work packages where ASTANDER’s work is focused are those related to the addressed technologies, especially the integration of sails, the air lubrication system, and ship electrification

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